Photo Review of the Champions and Special Awards 
 presented at this year's banquet November  16, 2013 

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Top Five 125cc Class 
Right to Left: TJ Greve - Champion
 2nd Wayne Scott, 3rd Samantha Lieberman, 4th TC Moore, 5th (n/a) Tyler Grau  

Top Five 250cc Stock Class 
Right to Left: Alex Swift - Champion
 2nd Ken Andreas, 3rd Lee Reinhardt, 4th Kyle Melvin, 5th Brett Estep 

Top Five 600cc Class 
Right to Left: Phil Durham - Champion
 2nd PJ Williams, 3rd Barry Pollard, 4th Tyler Tank, 5th Brett Estep 

Top Five 270cc Class 
Right to Left: Ken Andreas - Champion
 2nd Bill Murphy, 3rd Dave Dornblaser 4th Mark Landwher, 5th Robert Simmerman  
 Rookie of the Year 
Left to right: 
 125cc TC Moore, 270cc Robert Simmerman, 600cc Wayne Scott  
250 Stock Logan Diehl (n/a)
Most Improved
 600cc Tyler Tank  
250 Stock Sami Schenck (n/a)

Fast Times Awards

Left to right:

 125cc Wayne Scott, 250 Stock & 270cc Ken Andreas  

600cc Rich Mellor (n/a) 

Hall of Fame Inductee
 Alex Swift 
Sportman of the Year
 Lewis Schwander 


Car Owner Awards - Provided by Andreas Motorsports

 John Cabral, Ken Andreas, Patrick Milligan, Debra Durham 

Lifetime Award

 Barbara Sparks, Lew Schwander


Henry Fenimore Award
 H. James Garrison